Life Outside the Lines Paperworks

Design conscious, eco-minded journals for the thoughtful notetaker.

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We are a family of three, traveling the wide world, writing our own unique story. Our goal is to make friends wherever we go – while fostering in our young daughter a sense of wonder about the world and our place in it. We started Life Outside the Lines Paperworks as a way to document our own journeys. To our pleasant surprise, this humble project has struck a chord with thousands the world over!

The faces behind Life Outside the Lines Paperworks, Iceland, 2018.

The images featured on our products are personal snapshots from our own family’s adventure – meant to inspire awe and adventure in your life, too! We utilize no stock images, and there’s a priceless memory behind every photograph.

Our aim is to leave the world a little bit nicer than we found it. We hope you’ll join us in that mission – by writing your own chapter of life’s adventure!

Thank you for supporting our vision of a more connected world, where everyday people build a more harmonious future by spreading kindness and goodwill! Let’s leave this world a little bit nicer than we found it!

♥ T, J, & R
Life Outside the Lines Paperworks
Fostering a Sense of Wonder about the World Since 2020

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